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Our local partners

Short distances protect the environment

It is easy for us to act lopcal when purchasing goods: In Bamberg there are a large number of companies that we can fall back on. We are also increasingly focusing on organic quality, e.g. with the baked goods from the Postler organic bakery, the organic cheese specialties from the Oeffner family, or the organic eggs from the poultry farm Carl at Itzgrund. At the same time, we make sure that reusable packaging is used for transport.

Visit to the Dr Heigel winery, the organic bakery Postler and Matthias Hälterlein's game reserve:

Machhörndl speciality coffee roastery

Our partner from Nuremberg

Machhörndl Kaffee started out in 2008 as a small 2-man coffee roastery in Nuremberg. The team now has 15 members and has been our reliable supplier of premium coffee since 2012.

The Nuremberg-based company does not aim to produce coffee that always tastes the same. It's all about variety and complexity and the constant search for exciting coffees from all over the world. The growing conditions, varieties and processing methods play an important role in this. To preserve the quality and full flavour potential of these coffees, they are roasted gently and lightly in a drum roaster. This claim to quality automatically entails sustainability and fairness, even without various seals and certificates.