The Eckerts Dinner


Cream of chanterelle soup

with fried chanterelles
€ 6.40

Beef broth

with semolina dumplings and vegetable confit
€ 6.40

Goat's cheese au gratin

with marinated watermelon, wild herb salad and baguette
€ 11.80

Fine ragout of duck hearts and duck gizzards

with salad, orange fillets and baguette
€ 11.80

Colorful leaf salads

with sautéed chanterelles and baguette
€ 13,20

Tartes and snacks

Tarte Classic

with bacon and hard cheese baked in a stone oven
€ 10.20

Tarte Vegetarian

with vegetables and hard cheese baked in a stone oven
€ 10.20

Eckerts Tarte

with pumpkin, red onions, walnuts, goat's cheese, hard cheese from the organic cheese dairy Oeffner, baked in a stone oven
€ 14.40

Herring in juniper broth

with apple and onion, boiled potatoes and herbal quark
€ 12.80

Franconian canned meat

with red onion chutney, pickles, salad, farmhouse bread and butter
€ 9.80

Meat, fish & vegan

Vegan beetroot risotto

with fried chanterelles and pear thyme chutney
€ 17.20

Creamed chanterelles

with homemade pasta and salad
€ 18.60

Guinea fowl breast

with port wine jus, creamy corn vegetables and red rice
€ 21.20

pork tenderloin

with creamed chanterelles and fried dumpling
€ 21.80

European fallow deer roast

with pointed cabbage and pear vegetables and butter spaetzle
€ 19.40

Roast beef with onions

with mashed potatoes and salad
€ 28.20

Loach fillet

with Sylvaner sauce, pumpkin puree, roasted broccoli and crispy dukka
€ 20.80

Dessert & ice cream

Strong & Sweet

small lukewarm nougat brownie with Eckerts orange vanilla liqueur and a little Dalgona coffee
€ 5.60

Strong & Sweet

small lukewarm nougat brownie with Eckerts orange vanilla liqueur and small Dalgona coffee
€ 7.40

Red wine plums

with hazelnut ice cream
€ 7.80

Devils sundae

chocolate, chocolate chili and raspberry ice cream with cream and raspberries
€ 7.20

Walberla cherry sundae

cherry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, cream, cherries and grated chocolate
€ 7.20

Eckerts beer sundae

three scoops Eckerts beer ice cream, beer syrup cream and brittle
€ 6.80

Nuts sundae

three scoops of speculoos ice cream with whipped cream, mulled wine cherries and a speculoos crunch
€ 8.20

Fruit sundae

with fruits, two scoops of yoghurt raspberry ice cream and whipped cream
€ 6.80


choice of two scoops of our ice cream, milk and whipped cream
€ 5.80

Iced coffee

coffee, two scoops vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
€ 5.80

Iced chocolate

drinking chocolate, two scoops chocolate ice cream and whipped cream
€ 5.80

Scoop of homemade Eckerts ice cream

Flavours: Eckerts beer, vanilla, stracciatella, chocolate, chocolate-chili, hazelnut, raspberry, yoghurt-raspberry, strawberry, cherry
€ 1.50

Subject to short-term changes to the menu. Information on allergens and additives is available at the counter.

There is something for every taste!

Our kitchen team reinterprets traditional dishes and mainly prepares regional and seasonal products freshly by hand. We focus on the modern, urban implementation of Franconian hospitality. Fine soups or salads, tarte flambée from the stone oven, or meat and fish specialties leave nothing to be desired. And if there's still room, it's worth taking a look at our desserts!