The Eckerts Dinner


5:30 pm – 9:15 pm

Cream of mushroom soup with bread dumpling croutons
€ 8.60

Smoked beer soup with strips of vegetables
€ 8.60

Escargot in garlic sauce and vegetable confit, on toasted baguette slices and salad
€ 13.60

Baked goat's cheese with lukewarm white bean salad, olives, salad and baguette
€ 13.60

Vegan baked beet with pea guacamole, tomato salsa and WanTan
€ 13.40

Tartes and snacks

3:00 pm – 9:15 pm

Fried black pudding with roasted potatos and apples and salad
€ 14.60

Baked feta cheese with beetroot salad, orange fillets, walnuts, farmhouse bread and butter
€ 15.60

Tarte Classic with bacon and hard cheese, baked in a stone oven
€ 14.20

Tarte Vegetarian with vegetables and hard cheese, baked in a stone oven
€ 14.20

ECKERTS Tarte with avocado sour cream, eggplant, spring leeks, Bruschetta tomatoes and hard cheese, baked in a stone oven
€ 18.20

Meat, fish & vegan

5:30 pm – 9:15 pm

Stuffed cabbage with caraway jus and mashed potatoes
€ 16.80

Braised beef shoulder with Pinot Noir jus, creamy carrot and black salsify vegetables and potato noodles
€ 20.60

Rump steak with pepper cognac sauce, macaire potatoes and salad
€ 32.20

Roast wild boar with pointed cabbage yoghurt salad, pineapple chutney and fried dumpling
€ 22.40

Chicken breast with mild mustard cream sauce, Chinese cabbage, dried tomato and red rice
€ 21.80

Fried gilthead fillet with silvaner sauce, zucchini vegetables and homemade noodles
€ 22.80

Vegan spaghetti with coconut sauce, white cabbage and vegetable tapenade
€ 19.40

Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 p.m.:
Poxdorf farmer's duck
from poultry farmer Markus Werner from Poxdorf, with creamed savoy cabbage and potato dumplings
€ 25.70

Dessert & ice cream

„Strong & Sweet" Small nougat brownie with ECKERTS orange-vanilla liqueur and white coffee ice cream
€ 8.60

Quark cakes with rhubarb and sour cream ice cream
€ 9.40

Curd cheese mousse with citrus fruit salad and caramel ice cream
€ 10.80

ECKERTS beer sundae three scoops ECKERTS beer ice cream, beer syrup cream and brittle
€ 9.70

Fruit sundae with fruits, two scoops of yoghurt raspberry ice cream and whipped cream
€ 9.70

Devil's sundae chocolate, chocolate chili and raspberry ice cream with cream and raspberries
€ 10.20

Walberla cherry sundae cherry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, cream, cherries and grated chocolate
€ 10.20

Nuts sundae with two scoops of hazelnut ice cream, one scoop of chocolate ice cream, homemade ECKERTS orange-vanilla liqueur, whipped cream and crunchy walnuts
€ 10.90

Iced coffee coffee, two scoops vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
€ 9.30

Iced chocolate drinking chocolate, two scoops chocolate ice cream and whipped cream
€ 9.30

Milkshake choice of two scoops of our ice cream, milk and whipped cream
€ 9.30

Scoop of homemade ECKERTS ice cream Flavours: ECKERTS beer, vanilla, stracciatella, chocolate, chocolate-chili, hazelnut, raspberry, yoghurt-raspberry, strawberry, cherry
€ 2.20

Cakes and tortes

We offer you a selection of fine cakes and torts every day. Choose your favorite from our cake counter – whether for breakfast, as a sweet lunch snack, with afternoon coffee or at the end of a fun evening at ECCHERTS Wirtshaus.

Subject to short-term changes to the menu. Information on allergens and additives is available at the counter.

Does this suit your taste?

Our kitchen team reinterprets traditional dishes and mainly prepares regional and seasonal products freshly by hand. We focus on the modern, urban implementation of Franconian hospitality. Fine soups or salads, tarte flambée from the stone oven, or meat and fish specialties leave nothing to be desired. And if there's still room, it's worth taking a look at our desserts!