Our homemade products

There is 100% ECKERTS in it!

As far as possible, we use regional and seasonal products for our food and drinks. Even more valuable is of course: do it yourself. That is why we are particularly proud of our homemade creations, such as fruit spreads, pasta, drinks, cakes and sauces. Let yourself be inspired!

You can also enjoy our fruit spreads and pasta at home - or give them away!

Eckert's jam

Anything but ordinary

Opposites attract! Let our doubly delicious fruit spreads melt in your mouth: raspberry-balsamic, apricot-lavender, plum-cinnamon, sour cherry-chocolate, apple-almond.

And for the traditionalists among us, there are also strawberries, wild berries and blueberries.

You can also enjoy all fruit spreads at home:

Jar of 165g: €2.60 | Jar of 300g: €4.00

Simply contact our service team.

Eckerts beer

Our liquid business card

The Eckerts beer is brewed exclusively for us by Isabella and Markus Mereien in Memmelsdorf with ingredients exclusively from organic cultivation.

With its amber-brown colour, the balanced yet present malt note and the slightly flowerier hops, it ranks among the traditional beers of the region, but remains independent. A thoroughly Franconian beer.

Our homemade pasta

Pasta production in manufacturing quality

Whether as a side dish or just with sauce: Noodles always fit! Get our homemade tagliatelle or farmer's pasta to take home. And even if they look so perfect: we actually make them here at ECKERTS Restaurant.

Pasta enjoyment as a gift or for at home

Farmer's noodles pack of €3.90
Fine tagliatelle pack of €3.40