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Regionalism is a process based on which we strive to procure more and more ingredients and products from the immediate vicinity: from gardeners and farmers, fishermen and butchers, vintners and breweries, from manufacturers, local companies and other dedicated people in the Bamberg area. With our regional orientation, we want to ensure more sustainability in the gastronomy industry and our nutrition. Our consistent and constant demand sustainably promotes the development of foodstuffs produced in the region.

But a lot has happened in the past few years. But there will always be exceptions, even in restaurants. Whether it’s because important ingredients cannot be cultivated here due to the climate (e.g. pepper, nutmeg or cocoa beans) or because these are particularly important for our nutrition, but are not found in our region (e.g. ocean fish). But you can be certain, no matter what: we take regional and seasonal gastronomy seriously and carefully look at who delivers what for which use and always ask whether there is a replacement from a regional or even a local source that meets our quality requirements.

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