Eckerts Bamberg Flammkuchen
Eckerts Bamberg Nudelgericht
Eckerts Bamberg Eis

Soups & Starters

Asparagus - Orange cream soup

with char strips 5,60 €

Game consommé

with pancake strips and vegetable confit 5,60 €

Colourful salad

with skipped sweetbread 11,80 €

Saddle of deer

with apple-celery salad and coffee jus 12,60 €

Gratinated goat cheese

with rhubarb confit and wild herbs salad 10,80 €

Char fillet

with peas puree, emperor’s peas, dry tomato and apple essence 11,60 €

Fish, meat and vegetarian

Bamberg beer goulash

with homemade noodles and salad 14,80 €

Kaspress dumplings

with melted cherry tomatoes and wild herbs salad 13,80 €

Vegan spaghetti

with fried white and green asparagus, chervil coconut sauce and peppered strawberry 14,20 €

Wild boar roast

with broccoli flan, celery puree and ginger cherries 17,60 €

Veal involtini

filled with coarse mustard, Franconian ham and mozzarella, with mashed potatoes and salad 19,20 €

Salmon-Trout fillet

with Silvaner sauce, fried green and white asparagus and risotto 18,80 €

Asparagus from Poxdorf

The fresh asparagus is coming from a small family-owned farm in Poxdorf near Forchheim. 300g asparagus and

Butter potatoes

with melted butter or Sauce Hollandaise 17,20 €

Boiled ham

with butter potatoes and melted butter or Sauce Hollandaise 18,80 €

Crumbed pork escalope

with butter potatoes and melted butter or Sauce Hollandaise 19,80 €

Veal steak

with butter potatoes and melted butter or Sauce Hollandaise 23,20 €

sunday treat:

Poxdorf farm duck

with savoy cabbage and potato dumblings 16,80


Six Nuremberg sausages

with asparagus salad, mustard mayonnaise, farmhouse bread and butter 12,80 €

Wild garlic fresh cheese balls

with wild herbs salad and bread chips 11,80 €

Herring in juniper broth

with apple and onion, herbs curd and pell potato 10,20 €

Franconian bacon

with pickles, farmhouse bread and butter 8,20 €

Tarte flambée

Tarte flambée classic

with bacon, onions and cheese, baked in our stone oven 8,40 €

Vegetarian tarte flambée

with vegetables and cheese, baked in our stone oven 8,40 €

Eckerts Tarte flambée

with cooked ham, asparagus and cheese, baked in our stone oven 12,80 €

Dessert & ice cream

Strong and sweet

homemade nougat brownie with orange-vanilla liquer and one espresso 5,20 €

Dark chocolate panna cotta

with marinate strawberries 6,80 €

Poached rhubarb

with citron verbena ice cream and strawberry sauce 7,20 €

Little Venice sundae

two scoops lemon verbena ice cream, one scoop woodruff ice cream, strawberrys and cream 7,40 €

Eckerts beer sundae

three scoops Eckerts beer ice cream, beer syrup cream and brittle 5,60 €

Walberla cherry sundae

cherry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with cherries, whipped cream and chocolate graters 6,40 €

Nuts sundae

two nuts and one chocolate scoops, with orange vanilla egg liqueur cream and crispy walnut 7,20 €

Fruit salat sundae

two scoops yogurt raspberry ice cream and whipped cream 5,80 €


choice of two scoops of our ice cream, milk and whipped cream 5,20 €

Iced coffee

coffee, two scoops vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 5,20 €

Iced chocolate

drinking chocolate, two scoops chocolate ice cream and whipped cream 5,20 €

Scoop of homemade Eckerts ice cream

Flavours: Eckerts beer, vanilla, stracciatella, chocolate, chocolate-chili, hazelnut, raspberry, yoghurt-raspberry, strawberry, cherry 1,20 €