Chanterelle cream soup

with fried chanterelles € 5.80

Vegan potato and leek soup

with hazelnut gremolata € 6.20

Colorful leaf salads

with sautéed chanterelles and croutons € 12.20

Goat cheese au gratin

on radish confit and wild herb salad € 11.80

Lamb fillet

on red rice salad with grapes, onions, parsley and spiced yogurt € 12.60


cheese with caraway caramel, salad bouquet and farmer's bread € 7,80

Tarte Classic

with cheese and bacon € 9.20

Tarte Vegetarian

with cheese and vegetables € 9.20

Eckerts tarte

with cheese, chanterelles, pickled peaches, pickled beef ham € 13.80

Franconian sausages

with sauerkraut, farmer's bread and mustard € 10.80

Franconian antipasti vegetables

with falafel and soy mint yogurt € 15.60

Homemade pasta

with pears, radicchio, pine nuts and goat cheese € 16.20

Corn chicken breast and baked praline

with jus, creamy corn vegetables and purple sweet potato gnocchis € 15.80

Roast venison

with almond broccoli, corn semolina slices with plum jam € 18.80

Braised pork cheeks

with creamed chanterelles and buttered spaetzle € 19.40

Beef steak hip

with salad of rocket, spring onions, watermelon, roasted pine nuts, sundried tomatoes and herb sour cream € 21.40

Beef fillet sliced

with Madeira jus, fried chanterelles, salad and butter rice € 29.60

Pikeperch fillet with fried black pudding

with cream sauerkraut and parsley potatoes € 19.20

Special Sunday Treat:

Farm duck from Poxdorf

with savoy cabbage and potato dumplings € 18.20

Dessert & ice cream

Strong & sweet

small lukewarm nougat brownie with Eckert's orange and vanilla liqueur and a little Dalgona coffee € 5.60

Melting chocolate tart

with pineapple ragout and sour cream € 7.60

Chestnut mousse

with spiced brittle and stewed plums € 7.40

Devils sundae

chocolate, chocolate chili and raspberry ice cream with cream and raspberries € 6.40

Eckerts beer sundae

three scoops Eckerts beer ice cream, beer syrup cream and brittle € 5.60

Walberla cherry sundae

cherry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, cream, cherries and grated chocolate € 6.40

Nuts sundae

two nuts and one chocolate scoops, with orange vanilla egg liqueur cream and crispy walnut € 7.20

Fruit salat sundae

two scoops yogurt raspberry ice cream and whipped cream € 5.80


choice of two scoops of our ice cream, milk and whipped cream € 5.20

Iced coffee

coffee, two scoops vanilla ice cream and whipped cream € 5.20

Iced chocolate

drinking chocolate, two scoops chocolate ice cream and whipped cream € 5.20

Scoop of homemade Eckerts ice cream

Flavours: Eckerts beer, vanilla, stracciatella, chocolate, chocolate-chili, hazelnut, raspberry, yoghurt-raspberry, strawberry, cherry € 1.20

Subject to changes at short notice

ECKERTS – Restaurant

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96049 Bamberg

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Opening times of the Eckerts Restaurant in Bamberg

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